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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Baldrian video.

Hey guys.

I said I would post a video but the reason for why I didn't do that was because internet didn't work at all. I was so angry when I figured out that the internet didn't work just because of the bad weather. That really does suck. It's still not working like it should so I'm just going to post this video and then do my math tasks which has to be done untill first school day after Christmas. Also I just wanted to say I wish you all a happy new year and I wish you all the best. I had an amazing night with my brother and two of my cousins, could have been better if the weather wouldn't be so bad. I hope it will be better next year. That's really everything and stay tuned cause I will post more during the day or during this week at least. Here is the video of my little man.

I hope you like this video, it's so funny, and Baldrian is super funny. And like I said stay tuned, cause I will write more this week if the internet can start to work again.



  1. that was so cute and funny loved very very much

  2. that cat is a born hunter! :O *scared* hope u got leash for that little fella. he is cute and a born hunter! ;O im actually scared xD

  3. Yes, he is a born hunter and yes he is super cute, and there is no reason to be scared;)

  4. im a fluffy bear. ofc i am scared. cats and fluffy bears ain't good. ends always up with a bear in pieces :)

  5. Hhaha, Baldrian wont hurt anyone so there is no reason to be scared;D