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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Very Cute Pictures.

Hey guys.

Time got in my way for writing and making any new makeup looks for you, but in the last few days I have been taking a lot of pictures, and today I want to show you some very cute pictures of a little cute man, it's a cat. This cat is just so cute, he is awesome and I really love him, even though he isn't mine. I wish I had a cat, but I probably wont get my own cat before I move out. But we might get a dog, but to be honest I just want Silwer and Findus back, because I miss them so much and my tattoo of them makes me miss them even more, because it looks just like them. I really do miss them, and I will take a few pictures of my tattoo so you can see how it looks now. Enough about that, here are the pictures of the cute little man I love.

Oh, so scary.

He is so cute.

Super cute.

I love you.


That's all of the pictures of him that I wanted to show you guys. I will probably create a new makeup look for you tomorrow so remember to look for that. Comment and follow my blog please, it means so much to me.

-What do you think about the pictures?

-Want to see my tattoo?


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