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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Makeup look-Sweet girl.

Hey cuties.

I have a new makeup look for you guys, this is a very cute makeup look and it will be perfect for everyone. If you have brown hair and green eyes, this look will be awesome for you. I wanted it to look sweet and I didn't want to put on so much makeup. Here are the products I used:

-Light Pink eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Purple eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Grey color by h&m's Pearly Lilacs.
-Max Factor's Fals Lash Effect mascara.
-Brightening Eyeliner in Plum by E.L.F.

-Dream Creamy foundation by Maybelline.
-Complextion Perfection.
-Bronzing Powder by h&m.
-Pink eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette as my blush.

-Red lipliner.
-Red lip gloss.

Brushes: Look at the picture.


Open eyes.

Closed eyes!

Crease color.

Outer V color.

The look!

Everything I used to create the look.

Love the makeup look.

That's the look and if you want to you can change the color of the lips, you could use a nude lipstick or just put on a lip gloss to make everything look really sweet. But I love red lipstick because of a friend, so I'm going to wear a lot of red lipstick and red lip gloss. If you know about any looks I can do just give me the link to a picture, or you can write what colors I should use. I didn't get my E.L.F stuff today so no video but I probably will get it tomorrow, but tomorrow I have school so yeah. Later today I will see my little kitten again, and the names I'm thinking about now are:

What is the best name?
What do you think about the look?


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