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Saturday, 12 November 2011

I'm sick and a boring game.

Hey guys.

I'm sick, I got the flu. My brother has been so sick for the last two weeks, has been horrible to listen to him and see him so sick. But funny as well, cause his voice was hilarious. He is all better now, but now it's my turn. Do I like it? No not at all. I'm doing my best not to get sick, but no. I just have to get sick. I hate it. Since I'm sick I can start to play a boring game, I always play when I'm sick. It's called BoomBoozle 2. It's boring but fun to play when I'm sick. Here it is, try it if you want to:

Gratis Online Flash Spill

I don't have so much to write now, but tomorrow I will post some nice pictures: )



  1. aaaw.. get well soon <3
    no fun being sick ;o

  2. I will;)<3
    No it's not fun being sick at all:/