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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Music- Favorite songs.

Hey guys.

As you can tell by the titel this post has nothing to do with makeup only music. Today I will give you my favorite songs, not every song I listen to has to do with metal, some is actually like film music from Tarzan and Brother Bear. Just my favorite songs. I guess that not all of you will love each and every song, but this is like I said just the songs I'm in love with. I can't put all of my favorite songs in just one post, I have to make at least one more post when I get the time for that. Here are the songs I love.

Phil Collins-Two Worlds. (Song is from Tarzan Disney movie)

Phil Collins- On My Way. (Song is from the movie Brother Bear)

Phil Collins-Take a look through my eyes(Song is from the movie Brother Bear)

Phil Collins-Strangers Like Me.(Song from Tarzan Disney movie)

Phil Collins-Son Of Man.(Song from Tarzan Disney movie)

Lebo M-He Lives In You.(Song from The Lion King)

That's all my favorite songs from movies I also loves. My favorite movie out of these has to be The Lion King. To me these songs are super awesome, I love them and I hope you will love them too.

-Do you like any of these songs?


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