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Friday, 1 July 2011

Makeup look- Blue and green with glitter


Like I said the other blog I had got deleted and that made me angry, if that happens again I wont use anymore. But whatever happens I will keep writing in English, just because I want people all over the world to be able to read and understand my blog. So I said I would do a new makeup look and take pictures of it aswell and I did. I wont explain so much how I did it but this time I took a few pictures of the products I used.
Everything I used to create this look.

Eyes open

Eyes closed.


Super Awesome?


Used the color in the middle

Used the color in the middle again.

Products used.

Looking down.

Looking up!

So that was all of the pictures. I used the black scarft to hide my nose, looks big so I didn't want my big nose to destroy my pictures. I really do like this pictures actually. I wont explain anything on how I did this look, if you really want to know how then tell me and I might just make a video or maybe just write and tell you how I did it.

-What do you think about this look?


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