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Friday, 1 July 2011

Starting again

Hey guys<3 does not exict anymore. It got deleted because someone has been messing around with it and I didn't know about it. I'm so angry right now cause I worked so hard to make it that nice and now I have to start all over again. Everything I wrote got deleted and that is the worst thing, cause I used a lot of time, like 2-3 hours each time I wrote something and now it's all gone. My pictures, posts and everything is gone. I'm going to continue to write. Hopefully it wont happen again. If it does I wont use blogspot anymore. Alright, so I'm angry right now and I have a huge reason to be angry. I wont say so much about this now cause I'm so angry and I don't really know what to write at the moment. I will continue to write about makeup, friendship bracelets, music, and post pictures of course. I think my blog will mostly be about makeup and the looks I do. So if you want me to do a look with any colors just comment below and tell me what colors I should use. If there is anything you want to ask me, then also just comment below. I will answer your questions. Terrible sorry that my other blog is deleted, but things like that can happen so be aware of it. Right, I'm angry and I will today do a new makeup look and post the pictures here and tell you how I did it. Please comment and follow my blog. It means so much to me.


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  1. your so ungly that a apple looks better than you