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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lucky Duck Haul.

Hello cuties.

When I was in Bodø last weekend, I decided to buy new bath bombs cause I used my last one when I was dizzy and had to be home from school. But before I start this blog post I just have to let you know once again that if you want to see the photos you have to click on the links in the blog post, because this is the only way I can show you the photos. I really hope I can get money so that I can be able to fix this problem asap. Time to dive into the goodies, right?!

First thing I decided to buy are these Bath Creamers, super cute small little bath bombs. Their purpose is to make you feel relaxed and to make your skin soft and nice. I haven't tried them yet, but I think I'm gonna try one tonight, cause I feel like taking a bath while watching a James Bond movie and enjoy a glass of wine.

Here's the photo of the Bath Creamers I bought, all of them together.

Bath Creamer- Vanilla. 
This one is super cute and it smells just like vanilla cupcakes, that's the only way I can describe the scent of this one. It reminded me so much of a huge bubble gum ball that I used to buy as a child.
I bought this one for 45 NOK. 
Vanilla Bath Creamer
Photo nr. 2

Bath Creamer- Strawberry Sundae.
Another cute little ball which smells like strawberry. The cute thing about this bath creamer is that you can acutally see tiny pieces of strawberry in it. I love the scent of this one and I look forward to use it, it sort of smells a bit fresh and clean.  I paid 45 NOK for this one as well.
Strawberry Sundae Bath Creamer
Photo nr. 2

Bath Creamer- Blackberry.
This was the first one I had to get because I love the smell of Blackberry, it's super nice. This one smells just like the berries. Really look forward to use this one. Looks like a ball of ice cream.
I paid 45 NOK for this one as well.
Blackberry Bath Creamer.
Photo nr. 2

The next two last things I had to get were new bath bombs, they are like the cutest thing on earth, well apart for Baldrian, my little cat.

Strawberry Bubble Bomb- Bath Bomb. 
This one smells like strawberry, but not as strong in scent as the Bath Creamer, this one has more of a sweet and fresh scent and that's why I love it. It's huge so I might cut it up into smaller pieces to make it last longer. I paid 49. NOK for these ones which is super cheap for a big ball like this.
Strawberry Bubble Bomb.
Bath Bomb photo nr. 2

Fresh Berry Blaster- Bath Bomb.
This Bath Bomb smells like Raspberries and vanilla. It looks like something I would love to eat, but it's not for eating. I love the scente and the way it looks is just super cute and adorable. I paid 49 NOK for this too.
Fresh Berry Blaster.
Bath Bomb photo nr. 2

That's everything I bought and I hope you like this little post, ones again I'm sorry for not being able to post photos the way I used to, but this is the only way I can show you the photos, for now! I hope you had a nice time reading this and thank you all so much for visiting and reading my blog. I'll take photos of these when I put them in the water and show you how they look then and how the water turns out.

-Do you know about a web page where I can buy bathbombs?
-Do you like Bath Bombs?
-Which one is your favorite?



  1. I havent use bath bombs before but they seems very good and for sure with a nice scent:) The Vanilla one could be my fav! Kisses!! xo

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