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Thursday, 3 January 2013

R.I.P My Dear Grandmother.

Hello cuties.

As some of you may already know( Because I wrote it on Twitter) My dear grandmother( My dads mother) passed away yesterday. Due to this I'm sad, but I was prepared for this since I knew that she was sick. I'm sure you can all understand that this is not a great way to start school again, and it's not nice to end the Christmas holidays this way either.

I'm sad because I know that I'll never see her again, the only way for me to be close to her now is by visiting her grave, which I know I will do a lot, cause I loved her and I still do. I will never forget her and I will always have her with me both in my heart and in my thoughts. I will miss her so much and it hurts so much to never be able to see her again.

I remember that we used to sit down outside and talk about all kinds of things, we always had a lot to say and to talk about, and she always had a lot of stories from her childhood and her past to tell me. I guess I felt comfortable to listen to her as she would tell stories and talk.

Another thing she used to say was that I had to keep pushing my self to get through school, even though how hard it would be, she told me to keep going, to focus on my self and ignore those who bullied me, and thanks to her and many other people I got through the worst part of school, 1-10 grade.

I guess I don't have that much more to say, I'm sad and I wish she could have lived much longer and that she would have been healty and not sick. I love her and I'll never forget her.

I will probably by the end of this week post another blog post on here so stay tuned for that. Thank you so much for visiting and for reading my blog, it means so much to me, so ones again thank you all, and thanks for supporting me with everything. I love you guys so much.