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Friday, 20 April 2012

Makeup look- It's On Fire.

Hey cuties.

The makeup look I have for you guys now is the second makeup look I created about two days ago, I think this look is quite nice and cute for summer time because of the pretty colors I used. This look will be nice to wear for going to a party but you know me I wouldn't mind wearing makeup like this to school! As you can see on the pictures this makeup look will be very nice if you have red hair, but I know it will be great no matter what hair or eye color you have.

Products used for the face!
Complexion Perfection Powder- E.L.F.
Bronzing Powder in Gorgeous Tan- H&M.
Orange Eyeshadow as blush- 120 Palette.

Products used for the eyes!
Eye Primer & Liner Sealer- E.L.F.
Inliner Kajal in Satin White- IsaDora. 
Dark Orange Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Fire Orange Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Light Silver Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Black Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H in Intense Black- Maybelline.
Extra Lenght Mascara in Brown/Black- Sheer Cover.
Skin Color Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.

Products used for the lips!
Eyeshadow Stick in Spotlight- Viva La Diva.
Fire Orange Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Lipgloss in Water Lily- H&M.
From the left: Base color used on the lids, second color is the main color I used on the lids and on the lower lash line as well, then I put the silver color on top of that orange color to make it stand out a lot, just like I did HERE, the black color was used on the top lash line to make the lash line a bit thicker, I also used it on my lower lash line. The last color is the Viva La Diva eyeshadow stick which I used on the lips, I also used the fire orange color on the lips as well.

I hope you like this look, and thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog, it means so much to me! You guys are the best. I'm sorry to say that I wont post the other makeup look I was talking about in my latest video tonight because it's a bit late and I'm super tired which means that I will write a post on my Second blog. Please go check it out and follow it if you want that, I would be super thankful if you did! I'll see you guys tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams to everyone.

-What do you think about this makeup look?


  1. C интересом читаю вас))
    Заходите в гости))

  2. Adorei a sombra :)

    Tens uns olhos tão lindos .


    1. Glad you like it!
      Thank you so much:)

  3. so lovely sweetie, the color is perfect for summer, love it!:) Kisses!

    1. Thank you:)
      Glad you love it:)

  4. love the photos and your blog! Would you like to visit my blog? If you want, we can follow each-other :) cheers!
    facebook page

    1. Glad you love it, thanks!
      Yes I would love to:)

  5. Cute look! The colours looked good on you :)