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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey cuties.

I'm super thankfull that dian ajeng maharani gave me the Versatile Blogger Award! This means so much to me, and the fun thing about this is that I'm actually getting to double it, cause Kelsey also gave me this awesome award! So thanks so much for giving me this, it's very sweet of both of you!
Let's do this!


1.Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2.Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3.Share 7 random facts about yourself. ( 14 since I got it twise!)
4.Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5.Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

14 Random Facts About Myself!

1. I love cows!
2. I named my teddy bear Bjørn Einar Romørern!
3. I love the feeling of adrenaline!
4. I'm going to learn french before I die!
5. I was born with red hair!
6. I love to dance.
7. I want to become a model!
8. I can read fast!
9. I love blue and orange flowers!
10. I can be shy too!
11. Normaly I'm not shy
12. I drink about 8 bottles of water every day.
13. Red Bull gives me wings!
14. I love chocolate cake!

This was so fun to do, and I hope you liked it. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog.



  1. hi sweetheart,
    ooh dear, you got it two? amazing! you deserve it dear. your blog gives inspiration, really!
    oh so cuteee you named your teddy bear, i named mine too. and i love dancing too! i love shuffle dance. and i want to become a model too but its impossible because of my overweight :(
    cant wait for your next post... keep posting, i love reading your blog!

    1. Yeah, I did, was so fun to do, well thank you so much=)
      Well after all he lives in my bed so he deserve a name, the fun thing about it is that I named him after a skijumper:)
      That's awesome, anyone can become a model no matter how they look! =)
      Aw, your so sweet, it means so much to me to know this:)

  2. Red Bull gives me a headache xD But I still drink it like crazy ;p
    I'm kinda shy to, but can choose not to be, if it's called for ;)
    And I would love to see you dance some time ^^ <3

    1. Hehe, yeah if I drink to much I usually get a headache, but I don't care! I like it so I drink it;)
      So true;D
      Haha, alright;) maybe I will let you see then;)<3

    2. Same here xD
      I think you know that I'm not the shy person, and same goes for you ;)
      Well, that would be nice ;)
      how would one go about doing that then ? <3

    3. Yeah, I know;)
      Hmm, I don't know. xD <3

    4. hmm.. then one have to find that out ;)<3

  3. indeed ;)
    well, If you wanna talk more later, there is allways the MSN, or you could text me if you feel like it ^^

    1. Yeah;) I'll be online later;) <3

    2. sounds good ;) I'll get a couple of hours of sleep, so just spam me with sms or something to wake me up, if i'm not up yet ;p <3

  4. Congrats! and thanks for nominating me :) xx

  5. I just wonder how to give a blog award... If u can tell me,i will very happy
    If u like please visit my blog too

    1. If you get a blog award you can just write the blogs you wish to give this award to on your blog, and tell them that you gave them the award:) I will visit your blog:) <3

  6. Congrats to your award!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog! We like yours too!

    1. Thank you, and your welcome:D
      I'm glad you like it=)

  7. Thanks so much for the nomination!! :)

  8. Congrats Tone-lise, so well deserving! I can't believe you like cows, I LOVE baby chicks - apparently we have a thing for farm animals, how cool!

    Thanks for the blog award my dear, here's to our continued blog friendship ;)

    1. Thank you so much:)
      I love cows, to put it this way, I live at a farm and I grew up with both cows and sheep!;D

      your welcome, you deserve it=)

  9. YOUR TOO CUTE :D thanks so much!
    Ps. you've got alot of potential to be a future makeup artist. GOOD LUCK! <3 x

    1. Thank you so much, your welcome:)
      And thank you so much=)<333

  10. Hi Tone-Lise! Thank you soo much for nominating me for the award!! So sweet of you :) I have been given a few awards so I shall do a post on all them! :)

  11. my hun!! Thank you veryyy muchhh.. KISSES for you dear! I'll reply this, as soon as posible,ya. LOVE.